Vernacular Group, established in 1998 by Mehrdad Robert Rahbar, stands as a reputable organization with a strong foothold in the realm of residential design and development management. Over the years, our team has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in various facets of the industry, including design development, community planning, development analysis, and construction management. These skills enable us to undertake projects of diverse scales and complexities, ensuring that each endeavor is executed with the utmost professionalism and expertise.

While our primary focus lies within the province of British Columbia, we have expanded our reach to encompass other regions as well. Our portfolio proudly boasts successful development projects not only in British Columbia but also in Quebec, Alberta, and even Washington State. This geographical diversity demonstrates our adaptability and ability to navigate different regulatory frameworks and market conditions, resulting in the delivery of exceptional outcomes across multiple jurisdictions.

In British Columbia, Vernacular Group has become synonymous with innovative and sustainable residential design. Our commitment to incorporating vernacular architecture, indigenous design principles, and cutting-edge sustainable technologies allows us to create homes that seamlessly blend with their surroundings while minimizing their ecological footprint. By prioritizing community needs and incorporating elements that reflect the local culture, our designs enhance the quality of life for residents and contribute to the overall fabric of the neighborhoods we work in.

Beyond design, our expertise extends to the meticulous management of development projects. We excel in overseeing every stage of the development process, from initial conceptualization and feasibility studies to project coordination, budgeting, and construction management. Our comprehensive approach ensures seamless integration of design intent with practical implementation, resulting in the timely completion of projects that meet the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

At Vernacular Group, our success is built upon a foundation of collaboration, integrity, and a client-centric approach. We prioritize open communication with our clients, striving to understand their unique vision and goals. By forging strong partnerships with our clients, we can tailor our services to their specific needs, ensuring that their aspirations are realized to the fullest extent. This client-centric philosophy has garnered us a reputation for exceeding expectations and delivering projects that stand as testaments to our dedication and expertise.

As we move forward, Vernacular Group remains committed to pushing the boundaries of residential design and development management. With our unwavering passion for excellence and a team of talented professionals, we are poised to continue creating remarkable spaces that inspire and uplift communities, leaving a lasting legacy of exceptional design and sustainable development.