Tiny Homes

As the price of land increases, the developing community are under tremendous pressure to make housing more affordable. Tinier houses on smaller lots, attached form of housing, coach Housing, Secondary Suites are some of the alternatives to address affordability. Over the years, our company has developed knowledge, experience and expertise in these areas.

In 2004 we developed the first Free-hold [or Fee-simple] Row Houses in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. Following our innovative development, most municipalities adopted a new row house zoning in their residential neighborhood.

In 2016, as a pilot project we developed the first narrow lot subdivisions in the Province of British Columbia and in 2018 the City of North Vancouver introduced a new zoning to allow the subdivision of small lots.

We believe that some of the housing challenges can be met with the small lot subdivision while providing a flexible and relatively affordable housing solution for young and professional families, the downsizers and empty-nesters who desire to stay in their community.